‘You Beat Too Much’ Actress Mercy Johnson’s Kids Lament What They Don’t Like About Her in Hilarious Video

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson wasn’t disappointed when she asked her kids to find out what they didn’t like about her.

As part of Mother’s Day, Mercy Johnson shared a hilarious video asking her kids specific questions about her lifestyle and the favorite line she uses for them.

In response, Mercy Johnson’s children said her favorite lines were “Stop the nonsense”, “If I beat you, you’ll know I’m the one who gave birth to you”.

Mercy Johnson’s children added that she beats and disciplines too much.

The kids also said slapping Mercy Johnson could send someone to Jesus, though they still love how she spoils them with gifts, gives them whatever they want, and takes them out.

Kemi Filani News recalls Mercy Johnson Okojie recently saying she’s a great mom.

The actress made it known by sharing a hilarious video of her and her children wearing her husband’s shoes.

Mercy Johnson has claimed that she is the type of mother who teaches, disciplines, loves and plays.

She added that she knew she was a great mother because her children always told her so.

She wrote: “I teach, discipline, love and PLAY….. Me and my team.
I pray that God keeps us alive to take care of our children LORD”.

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