Where did the viral rap trend originate from?

Back then you and I baby …

To help. SOS. I can’t stop rapping about these silly lyrics going viral on TikTok. The lyrics say “Back then you and I baby were having fun / until you deliver that baby look that’s not my son!” to the timeless and classic song of the summer instrumentation of Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams’ Get Lucky. I literally can’t get it out of my head and I urgently needed to know where it was coming from. Is this a real song? Is not it? Who is behind the practically Shakespearean bars? This is exactly where the TikTok sound “this is not my son” comes from:

@melodysnook It was the worst thing that ever happened on children’s television #Bob the handyman original sound – teqfla

Okay, that’s from a mock documentary called #HoodDocumentary

Remember that even of man pointing to his temple and smirking captioned with some kind of illogical decision presented as a smart decision? It was a huge trend on Twitter in 2017. This meme was of Reece Simpson’s character AKA RS (also AKA Roll Safe) in a mock documentary called #HoodDocumentary. The show was a BBC Three YouTube web series written by and starring Kayode Ewumi as RS, and was about a filmmaker following RS in London as he tried to be the next big star in the scene. grime.

The sound “it’s not my son” on TikTok is taken from the appearance of RS on BBC Radio 1Xtra, in a fake Fire In the Booth session where he tries to do his freestyle and follow the success of the big names of the grime who started this. The “that’s not my son” sound is one of RS’s failed attempts in his role on the show.

What trend is sound used for?

In a nutshell, TikTokkers uses sound to present things that they used to love, but are now a bit shitty. A prime example being I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here. For the first line “Back then you and me baby we were having fun” has a photo of the jungle I’m A Celeb on the screen, then for “until you give birth to that baby , look, that’s not my son “he would move on to shit castle in Wales. Explained jokes are never funny, but it’s comedy gold on TikTok, I promise.

@stephmcateer I miss australia#for you original sound – teqfla

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