Watch Lets Go Brandon MV as Rap Song Briefly Tops iTunes Charts

After sweeping the internet as a meme, the infamous mob-singing mistake briefly rose to the top of the iTunes hip-hop charts. You’re Living Under A Rock If You Haven’t Watched Loza Alexander’s Viral Video Clip Yet let’s go Brandon rap.

The “Lets Go Brandon” trend went viral after NASCAR star Brandon Brown’s interview with NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast. The reporter misinterpreted the crowd’s chant “F*** Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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The song Lets Go Brandon briefly tops the iTunes charts

At the time of writing, let’s go Brandon is currently in second place on the iTunes Hip Hop chart below that of Adele easy on me. However, the meme-inspired song spent a brief time at the top.

MAGA supporter’s song Loza first went viral on TikTok before finding a spot on the iTunes charts. Meanwhile, it racked up over 1.9 million views on YouTube within a week.

The official clip sees the rapper sing the lyrics with footage from Brandon’s interview playing in the background.

Meet rapper Loza Alexander

Loza, the face behind the let’s go Brandon song, is based in New Jersey.

He has over 14,500 followers on Instagram and over 87,000 subscribers on YouTube.

He voices his support for former POTUS Donald Trump and is seen sporting a MAGA cap in most of his videos. His Youtube also consists of videos in which he talked about various factors involving politics.

He shared a video on Monday, October 18, 2021, to thank his subscribers after his let’s go Brandon the song recorded one million views. He said the song’s success left him “speechless”.

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Twitter reacts to viral song

It seems Loza’s Lets Go Brandon has won over a lot of Twitter users with its catchy beats. However, some are surprised by the attention it has garnered.

One tweeted, “This song is Lit. LETS GOBRANDON – Theme Song – Loza Alexander”

Another one wrote, “My new favorite song! I dedicate this song to @JustinTrudeau this one is for you!”

“Hey y’all, remember I’m the only one? Well, another conservative song should rank higher than I even did! It’s called ‘let’s go brandon’, he should do his top 10 debut, I’m gonna put a toothpick in my fingernail and stub that toe” tweeted another user.

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