Walker Hayes and Kesha release music video for ‘Fancy Like’ remix

Just when we thought Walker Haye’s 2021 bop “Fancy Like” couldn’t get any better, the country star decided to add some more pop to the song by collaborating with pop star Kesha. The clip of the “Fancy like” remix came out recently and let me tell you it’s a wild remix. Starring a box of wine, Natty Light, and friends dancing at a restaurant, the clip brings a lot of energy and fun to the situation.

It has everything from a pool to vans and a homemade golf course, proving that sometimes the most memorable moments come from meeting friends and family for something to remember.

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By a press release, Hayes said: “This song came out of a conversation about the misconceptions that celebrities or performers lead lavish lifestyles, and it’s important for people to know that’s not necessarily true. really as chic as Applebee on a date night, so creating a video celebrating the simple moments in life – like watching a movie or drinking wine – was important to us. Kesha and I each bring our own take on it. Fancy Like “, and I love the way it came together.”

The Country singer initially teased the clip during a behind-the-scenes interview at the 2021 iHeartRadio music festival. He said Kesha is one of the most down-to-earth humans and that he enjoys working with her. Apparently, the country singer and Kesha wrote her verse for the remix as the two texted each other as they tried to decide which lyrics to use for the song.

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In the new version, we can hear Kesha’s beautiful voice singing, “Oh I don’t need a Bentley / To impress me / I’ll ride a bull in the party like a jet ski / Boy, put that Dom down / Take me to Waffle House / Give me those thrills / Chillin ‘ ‘in the Great South. “

Before the remix was released, the original version was viral on TikTok and then ended up in an Applebee commercial because of his words. The singer-songwriter can be heard singing, “We crave Applebee on a date night / I had that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake / Also get whipped cream on top / Two straws, a check, girl I got you eu. “

The restaurant chain even decided to bring its Oreo shake back to the menu after its scream in the viral hit. In what appeared to be a span of days, “Fancy Like” reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is now a pop radio hit, which is likely to skyrocket even more now that Kesha is in it.

Baffled by the success of the TikTok viral dance song and video he created with his daughter, the country music star spoke to PEOPLE about how I felt, saying, “Let’s be honest. That wasn’t supposed to happen to a 41 year old dude with a wife, six kids, two dogs and two gerbils.”

Looks like you’re gonna be singing “Fancy Like” for a while, Hayes. Grammy Award, are you interested?

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