“Today, with more emphasis on covered or remixed songs, my song is 100% original and unique,” ​​says Malobika Banerjee (MJ)

MUMBAI: Actress, singer and writer Malobika Banerjee (MJ)’s new album, “Jee Lene Do”, written and sung by her, is a rap song which was released on September 27th and surpassed 1 million views on Youtube.

“Today, with more emphasis on covered or remixed songs, my song is 100% original and unique,” ​​says Malobika Banerjee (MJ).

Previously, she has been seen in music videos such as ‘Nee Venakale Nadichi’ with Vijay Deverakonda, ‘Dilbar sung by Shahid Mallya, Kanika Kapoor’s music video ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Kill Karda’ with Ganesh Acharya, ‘Naino Ki Barish’ to name a few and is best known for her work in notable Bengali films.

Malobika sizzles in his new rap song which is a heartbreaking song showing the life of a pop star.

Talking about what makes her song different from others, she says, “I think these days most of the time we watch or listen to a cover song or a remixed song, but my song is 100% original and unique. , my video has a strong social message that is quite different from other conventional love stories. I always try to bring something new to society through my creations.”

Talking about how the idea to create this song came about, she says, “I never thought of doing a rap song, but I wrote and I intend to give my best -even to the public and something new. When I recorded the song, I had a strong feeling that this song has the power and positive aspects to change someone’s life. Indeed, it is unique because of its content and execution, and the script and concept are outstanding.

Sharing her vision as a female pop singer, she says, “I’m optimistic! I just want to create something new every time. Each of my videos is different from each other and I like to take risks. I don’t I don’t want to be monotonous. I don’t want people to cast me. I can’t wait to learn new things. Every day I just want to learn something new. Rap ​​is interesting and I enjoyed doing it .

She finally adds “I put all my heart and soul into making this video and this song. Although the video concept is mine, my whole team, from the director to the producer and DOP to my makeup artist, each of 200+ members put their 100% for this video. I wish everyone enjoy this song.”

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