This streamer beat Elden Ring’s Malenia with… Malenia

We all know that Elden Ring is a tricky game and its optional boss battle against Malenia is arguably the toughest part of the game.

But one streamer, Kwitty23, decided to beat the whole game by playing Malenia. Plus, he only used one move the entire race: his signature waterfowl dance.

Funniest of all was when Kwitty23 ended up battling Malenia as Malenia and did her first destruction. It turns out that she is quite weak against her own attacks.

“I’m the real Malenia Blade of Miquella and I’ve never known defeat,” he tweeted with a snippet of the win.

For the unfamiliar, defeating each boss in Elden Ring grants you access to purchase their weapons, armor, and abilities using their memory and collected runes.

This is how Kwitty23 was able to dress her character as Malenia and use her weapon skill.

The waterfowl dance is her strongest move and it’s incredibly hard to dodge as she soars through the air and strikes multiple times.

Kwitty23 used this skill alone against all bosses in the game on a new game plus a run. The move can be powerful, but it’s still an impressive feat and not all bosses fell as easily as Malenia.

Check out the race on Kwitty23’s Twitch channel.

And for more Elden Ring nonsense, check out Rudeism which does a series of Elden Ring using a modified Fisher Price controller. So far he has easily beaten Radahn.

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