The Penguins beat Caps 4-1, a very bad game

The highly stoppable Pittsburgh Penguins (2-6-2 in their last ten games) collided with the highly mobile Washington Capitals object ($40 million in injuries) on Wednesday night. One was much better than the other, and their goalie wasn’t leaking.

After a scoreless spell, Jason Zucker got lucky when Darcy Kuemper threw in his occasional shot. Brock McGinn’s shorthanded goal made it 2-0, and Jeff Petry’s shot from the blue line made it 3-0.

Marcus Johansson caught a pass under the goal line from Sonny Milano to give Washington their only goal of the night. Pittsburgh got the empty net.

Caps lose.

  • I really liked Washington’s first two shifts. Pittsburgh fed them turnovers and they buzzed into the net early. The rest of Washington’s good play happened as he chased the lead.
  • Sidney Crosby likes to take on Martin Fehervary. Crosby maybe got away with some penalties there.
  • Darcy Kuemper had a very bad night. He threw one, he got trapped in another, and he didn’t follow a third. It’s fun and easy to characterize which lenses are “bad” or “soft”, which is why I do it, but it’s also lazy, which is also why I do it. Conclusion: Kuemper allowed three goals in two periods. The line just above that baseline: The Caps have allowed Pittsburgh to generate 2.53 expected goals in the same span. (At the end of the game, Kuemper was only about 0.15 below expectations.) Either way, the team was going to lose this game with nothing less than superhuman goalkeeping performance. , and DK didn’t come close.
  • The Caps kept Kuemper in net for the third. I think it was a wise choice. This match was lost long before its fold.
  • Here’s the part of the recap where we hang out on the national show. Cloth this is also called when your vertical margins look jagged and bad. Some of the numbers have two digits, some have three, one is in thousands of dollars but the others are in millions. They are all center aligned, so they start and end at different horizontal locations. Whoever created this graphic hates you. You, precisely. I’m more upset with this graph than the hockey game. please look my suggested changes and come back with questions about the deliverable before COB.
  • Peter Laviolette has tried Alex Ovechkin on some shifts with Strome and Milano. Interesting idea, although it was very unsuccessful. sonny milano got that great pass to Marcus in the third, so don’t feel too bad for him. I don’t think he’s going back to Hershey.
  • The Penguins lost three defenders to injury, at least for a minute. Jan Rutta was injured because of (or shortly after) that big free-kick from Alex Ovechkin. Pierre-Olivier Joseph got injured at a time I hadn’t noticed, and Jeff Petry looked clumsy in third but stayed in the game.

A blistering loss to a struggling division rival, but I’m not going to make any big claims. I’ll just press the sign.

I just hope they don’t stray from the playoffs. Two games against Tampa will tell us more.

Main photo: @Eckleysoprano

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