The Beach Rats Announce Debut Album ‘Rat Beat’, Share Title Track: Listen

Very few people in modern punk rock have a resume as impressive as Brian Baker’s. Baker has played in about a million bands, including the most famous Minor Threat, and he’s also spent the past few decades in Bad Religion. In 2018, Baker was living in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and he started a new band with a group of other punk lifers living in his area. The new band Beach Rats also included former Lifetime frontman Ari Katz, Bouncing Souls bassist Bryan Keinlen and guitarist Pete Steinkopf, and Let It Burn drummer Danny Windas. Beach Rats release their first EP Wasted time in 2018, and now they have a full album on the way.

This summer, Beach Rats will release their first LP rat beat. The pandemic gave the band members time to work on their album. In a press release, Baker says, “We would go down to the basement, put on masks, open the windows, and we could play — within CDC guidelines! We couldn’t go to dinner at each other’s house, but we could train.

The album’s title track is also its first single, and it’s fast, snotty old-school melodic hardcore. Lyrically, it’s a sort of declaration of intent: “Rats! Rats! We are the rats! In the basement making tracks! The song is a minute and a half long, and even though they’re middle-aged guys with decades in the game, they still bring that fiery teenage rage. In the “Rat Beat” video, the Beach Rats film themselves dragging gear, consuming pizza and Slurpees, and hanging out with a guy in a fat rat costume. Check out the “Rat Beat” video and album track listing below.

01 “Get out the bikes!”
02 “Dress up for sick sesh”
03 “Heavy Talk”
04 “Rat Beat”
05 “End of Summers”
06 “Saturday”
07 “Clorox Boys”
08 “Wordz”
09 “Blown to Pieces”
10 “She Was Gone”
11 “Talking on the Beach”
12 “Fuck You Daddy”

rat beat was released on 07/29 on Epitaph.

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