Song “For Me (Remix)” by KendyX

Last year, rising Westcoast R&B artist Kendy X unveiled his debut single “For Me.” To keep the momentum going, she called on two other currently hot artists Dreamdoll and Kalan.Fr.Fr. to help him with the official remix. On the new revamped version, Dreamdoll adds its own bars to the beat thanks to Ayo & Keyz and AVB:

Who was that bitch? (Me) Who was lit? (Me) Who came out to put these bands together? (Me)/ Hands down they say Dream the hottest now ’cause I put it all up, fuck a date, gotta fly/ Time is money, Gotta buy me (Uh-huh), told ’em how I like bad female dogs, now them bad female dogs wanna try me

Wait, chocolate nigga with a beard for me (Mm) they ain’t prepared for me (No) / Let it hit it, it stops at my reservations like, “Why you being weird to me?” / Claim an***a as MSG

Kendy X also made sure to take some time to share her thoughts on the track. “For Me is the most important song on the EP, because it shows the transformation into a bad female dog,” she says. She also acknowledged how much this collaboration meant to her as she is a huge fan of both artists. On “For me”, I say, it’s for me. I can piss myself off. I can do what I want to do. It is meant to empower women. I’ve been listening to Kalan.FrFr since high school, so it was a dream to do a song with him. DreamDoll is such a powerful woman who demands respect. She embodies the spirit of the song.

Be sure to hit play on KendyX’s brand new “For Me (Remix)” featuring DreamDoll and Kalan.Fr.Fr. downstairs.

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