SAINt JHN recruits Future for “Roses” Remix music video

The New York hitmaker is also using the visuals to raise awareness of the Breonna Taylor murder.

(All HipHop news) In June, SAINt JHN achieved his first Top 10 record on the Hot 100 with the single “Roses” from 2018 Collection 1 album. The track is currently at # 8 on the Billboard graphic.

SAINt JHN’s song could hit the charts in the coming weeks, thanks to a new version of “Roses” with Future. Brooklynite and ATLien also shot an official music video for the remix.


The visuals were shot in Miami with a vintage lo-fi aesthetic. SAINt JHN ended the MV with a black screen with the words “The murderers of Breonna Taylor have still not been arrested”.

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed inside her Louisville home on March 13 when three plainclothes police served a “no-kill warrant” against a suspect who did not live at the residence and was already in custody on sight. Officer Brett Hankison was fired from the department, but none of Taylor’s assassins were arrested or charged with a felony.


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