Richard Ashcroft’s C’mon People Remix – Music News

Richard Ashcroft has shared a new remix of “C’mon People (We’re Making It Now)” featuring Liam Gallagher.

The track was previously featured on Ashcroft’s 2021 album ‘Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1’ and the musician has now shared a new mix of the song, titled the ‘Don’t Stop Now’ mix.

Previously speaking about the collaboration, Richard said: “People have to appreciate the soul in Liam’s voice. For me, I could enjoy my song again, like any creative person, we’re always on to the next thing and we’ve all insecurities but that It was so fantastic to hear It’s this brilliant and natural thing and he knows that There are special reasons and musical reasons why it sounds like that he brought his musicality and added something to make it work on many levels.

Liam added “I first heard ‘C’mon People’ when I kidnapped Richard and Kate for the weekend in Formentera 20 years ago, I don’t think he even finished to write it. I’ve loved it ever since and play it around the house many times drunk. It’s a privilege to sing it.”

“C’mon People (We’re Making It Now)” was originally featured on Richard’s debut solo album “Alone With Everybody” in 2000.

Richard previously revealed he would like to get into the studio with Liam to record new material, but admitted it was difficult to align their schedules.

Richard said: “I would love to write a song with Liam.

“If he’s in, I’m in.

“I have lots of ideas for what me and Liam could do and would love it if we had a little more time to make it happen.”

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