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If Houston had an official soundtrack, it would be dominated by rap music.

It’s an integral part of the city’s culture, a sound that characterizes everything unique to Houston. In the early 90s, DJ Screw pioneered the choppy and screwy sound, slowing down tracks and chopping them up to create an entirely new genre. It is still used today by artists of several genres.

Ten years ago, the Houston rap explosion made Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall and Mike Jones stars. Bun B, a native of Port Arthur, is known as the unofficial mayor of Houston. Travis Scott and Megan Thee Stallion are among the biggest stars in the world. Trae Tha Truth is revered as both a rapper and a humanitarian.

Don Toliver, Fat Tony and Toby Nwigwe continue to carry the torch of Htown. And local rappers Bigg Fatts, KenTheMan and Monaleo are about to break out.

Naturally, then, Houston is a popular topic in rap lyrics. We searched Genius’ lyrics database for the most popular rap songs that mention the city, as well as any Houston-related references like Astroworld and Johnny Dang.

Want to listen to the best titles mentioning our city? Scroll down for a curated Spotify playlist (with content warning)!

Most Popular Songs with Houston Screams

The most popular Houston-related song in our analysis was Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” from the 2015 album TRAPSOUL. Other popular songs include Frank Ocean’s “Night” and several tracks by artists Drake and Travis Scott .

Rappers who mention Houston the most

We also wanted to know which artists mentioned Houston the most in their songs. UGK, the Port Arthur, Texas hip hop duo of Bun B and the late Pimp C. who died in 2007, had the most city references with 43 songs. Bun B’s solo work follows closely with 36 songs referencing the city and its culture. Carlos Coy, professionally known as South Park Mexican, has referenced the city in 36 of his songs. Coy is currently serving a 45-year sentence for assaulting a 9-year-old girl in 2001.

Anastasia Goodwin

It may not have topped the charts, but here at the Chronicle we’re still fond of one song in particular – Paul Wall’s 2007 “Break Em’ Off.”

“I’m going to show them how to make the slab look phenomenal. Pursue the paper in the morning; call me Houston Chronicle”

More of our favorite Houston rap lyrics:

“Houston, TX, you can check my tags / Stop me, try to check my slab”“Ridin’,” Chamillionaire

“I’m a living legend on the south side / A third quarter, a badass street veteran”“Barred Baby”, Big Moe

“Welcome to the, uh, Southside / No, uh-uh, I said south of Htown”“South Side”, Lil Keke

“I changed my name, it’s still the same, Swishahouse or Swishablast”“Always Tip”, Mike Jones, Slim Thug and Paul Wall

“I’ve been the same since I’ve been driving slowly on Bissonnet / Call someone I know and they’ll tell you”“Special”, Lizzo

“HO in the US, TO in the N/God blessed me with the million dollar pen”“Welcome 2 Houston”, Slim Thug

“I’m coming out of this H town, I’m going down / I’m going down dripping candy on the floor”“***Perfect”, Beyoncé

“I’m Htown to Cali, just like Robert Horry”“Mo City Don”, Z-Ro

“H-Town What’s the Matter / I’m Gone Like a Seal”“Stop playing”, this girl is lying

“It’s Htown baby, the Rockets, the Texans, the ‘Stros’ “City of the Swang”, Bun B

“After ‘Trina hit, I had to transfer campus/Your apartment to Houston where I waited”“Nights”, Frank Ocean

“I should have gotten you away from Houston before I cut all that ice on you”“Desires”, Drake and Future

“I Roll Around H-Town / Where the Texas Man Holds Me Down”“H-town”, Dizzee Rascal, Bun B and Trae Tha Truth

“H-Town in my mug, OG in my blunt/Crenshaw on my shirt, German on my stunt”“H-Town”, Nipsey Hussle

“Her called man said, ‘Maybe your time has come / They played your freestlye on “Wipe Me Down” / They played it twice / He said he might be crowned / Like the best thing been in H-Town for a while”“Hip-hop saved my life”, Lupe Fiasco

“I grew up with Bun B, Pimp C was my tutor/Pimp Squad for life, I had to do this for Houston” “HollyWeezy”, Lil Wayne

“Houstatlantavegas/And she dances to the song”“Housstatlantavegas”, Drake

“I could use some airing/A little vacation, Houstonfornication/Mind redefines new renovations”“Houstonfornication”, Travis Scott

“You know we’re rolling on a slab, with that candy paint / Dripping off the frame, down 288” “H-Town Kinda Day, Z-Ro

“Francia, Columbia, Houston (Freeze)/J Balvin, Willy William, Beyoncé (Freeze)” “Mi Gente (Beyonce’s Remix)”, J Balvin

“On my block, it’s just another day in the heart / On the south side of Houston Texas, making your mark”“On My Block”, Scarface

“It’s time to start the revolution, grab a body, head to Houston” “NY State of Mind”, Nas

“By the pool in Houston/Trying to see if Beyoncé will accept me for adoption/Rich suburbs/Civilian shot dead in Third Ward, we’re right by the fountain”“Sweet”, Brockhampton

“The good life, it feels like Houston”“Good Life”, Kanye West and T-Pain

Check out our curated Houston playlist on Spotify (ATTENTION: explicit content):

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