Rapper Lady Leshurr calls out Cardi B for using her beat and not crediting her for viral hit ‘Cheap A** Weave’

Cardi B, Lady Leshurr

Rapper Lady Leshurr calls out Cardi B for using her beat and not crediting her for viral hit ‘Cheap A** Weave’

british rapper Lady Leshurr is looking to collect coins Cardi B after remixing his viral freestyle.

Rapper Cardi Bborn Belcalis Almánzar, was called by Lady Leshurr for her 2015 song “Cheap A** Weave”, which is a remix of the British rapper’s freestyle “Queen’s Speech 4”. The remix was originally released in 2015 before Cardi B mainstream breakthrough and garnered over 4.6 million views on YouTube alone.

August 2, Lady Leshurr, 34, celebrated the seventh anniversary of the original track. The controversy began via Twitter after Lady Leshurrreal name Melesha O’Garro, responded to a Twitter user who commented “cheap a** weave” under a video of her breakthrough freestyle, the title of Cardi’s version of the song.

Leshurr tweeted that she wanted the Bronx rapper to pay her for remixing one of her most popular freestyles. Leshurr wrote,

“Do you mind asking Cardi if she can break me some change, she used my beat/idea before her big break and is now a millionaire and I got paid 0.”

Although it’s unclear whether the Birmingham-born rapper was expecting cardi to answer, she did just that and said,

“I made like 2 bucks on this song…do you want the other buck?”

Leshurr clarified her point and said she was not looking for money but wanted proper recognition for recreating the track. The “Likkle Darling” rapper also mentioned that she sent cardi, 29, DMed about the viral track years ago, but she’d never heard of it. She answered,

“That would be nice but I just wanted my credit and that’s crazy I had to tweet 4 a reply when I told you about it years ago. I was cool when I thought that was just the cover from YT but it’s on streaming sites because ‘cheap azz weave’ nw & urs is coming b4 mine so yes dollar & credit pls.

In a now-deleted tweet, the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ star promised to have his song ‘Cheap A** Weave’ removed from all streaming services and sent Leshurr its “dollar”. cardi written back,

“I can’t find the song on Apple, but if it’s on any streaming service, I’ll make sure it’s removed, including YouTube. I’ll also make sure to send you your dollar.

According to reports, the tune currently remains available on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The British artist doubled down on wanting his credit for the song and said,

“I was independent when it fell! My ppl contacted us years later no response.. Maybe diff label then? The principle is that the song was uploaded with diff title without my know and be sold, everything1 excerpts from a song needs to reach 2da artist not the other way around Nope?”

cardi has not yet replied to Leshurr’s Latest Comments.

Cardi B

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