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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and are enjoying some free time! It’s predictable a much lighter week for new albums, but the last week has been stacked, so now is a good time to catch up on any of the 15+ albums we reviewed last week or find something you haven’t yet heard from any of the year-end lists coming out. And even though it’s a lighter holiday week, there are still a handful of great records out there today. I highlight six below, and Bill also takes a look at The KVB, Jarvis Cocker’s remix album, and more in Bill’s Indie Basement.

More Honorable Mentions: Voices, Richard Dawson & Circle, TEETH, Botfly, the chisel, Pass Away (mem I Am The Avalanche, Crime In Stereo), the Girl Ray EP remix, the cover album Deep Purple, the live album Death Angel, the Sunn O))) the BBC session album (ft . Anna Von Hausswolff), Nell & The Flaming Lips cover album Nick Cave, the Helmet live album and the David Bowie box set (including the “lost” album Toy).

Read on for my choices. What’s your favorite outing of the week?

RAP Ferreira – Light-Emitting Diamond Cutter’s Writings
Ruby Yacht

The prolific underground rap rap RAP Ferreira (formerly known as milo, sometimes also known as Hotel aux coquilles Saint-Jacques) kicked off the year with the release of Bob’s son on New Years Day, and now he has another new album on Black Friday, Light-Emitting Diamond Cutter’s Writings. Compared to the often abstract Bob’s son, Light-Emitting Diamond Cutter’s Writings feels a bit more traditional, with a warm production derived from jazz, soul and psychedelia, and tight rhymes and in the pocket of RAP Ferreira. Yet “traditional” is relative in this context; RAP Ferreira’s version of hip hop remains experimental and avant-garde. It uses elements from the golden age of rap, but reshapes those sounds into something futuristic. And his words remain surreal and mindful, painting vivid images in your mind and conveying raw emotion as well.

Lock – The dregs of Hades
Listenable recordings

Last week we received the new album from The Lurking Fear, the old school style death metal band led by At The Gates singer Tomas Lindberg, and today we have a new album from another band by Tomas Lindberg, the Lock Up grindcore supergroup. Lock Up, which was formed in 1998 by Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury, had Lindberg on vocals from 2002 to 2014, but he left and was replaced by Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth (who also leads Shane Embury’s band Venomous Concept) for 2017 Demonization. Now Lindberg is back and co-chairing the group with Kevin, and they’ve also welcomed Pig Destroyer’s Adam Jarvis as their new drummer. With Anton Reisenegger (Criminal) on guitar, Lock Up is more “awesome” than ever. Similar to The Lurking Fear, Lock Up gives Tomas Lindberg a chance to make music a lot faster and rawer than he does with At The Gates (which also released a new album this year), and it’s is always a pleasure to hear icons like these make such purely dirty music so far in their careers. It’s been a while since Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer released such a whiplash-inducing record, and The dregs of Hades proves that these grindcore architects still know how to throw as they did when they started.

Defee & Messiah Musik – Hatch
Backwoodz Studioz

Chicago rapper Defcee is a longtime staple of his hometown’s underground rap scene (his 2015 album Almost grown shit featured collaborations with Saba, Noname, and Joseph Chilliams before these artists exploded), and while he’s taken some time off from music, he’s been more prolific than ever over the past two years. He released the EP produced by August Fanon We dressed the city with our names earlier this year, and now he’s teamed up with Billy Woods’ Backwoodz Studioz for a new album, Hatch, produced entirely by Messiah Musik, who has worked on several Billy Woods / Armand Hammer albums, as well as other Mach-Hommy Backwoodz releases and projects, Your Old Droog, Quelle Chris, and more. “His work reminds me of what I loved about RZA rhythms when I first discovered Wu Tang”, Defcee noted of Messiah Musik. “‘Dusty buckles, heavy bag drums’ to quote Billy Woods.” Armand Hammer appears on the album, as do ShrapKnel members PremRock and Curly Castro (whose new album Little Robert Hutton includes Defcee), as well as Henry Canyons, Convertible Ashley, Joshua Virtue, Freddie Ol Soul and Alaska. Messiah Musik’s production style will be very familiar to Backwoodz fans, and Dedefee’s tough delivery suits him perfectly. Defcee is a rapper who is often referred to as “underrated”, and if you always sleep on him, wake up and listen to this album.

The dirty radicals – The fine line between real and crazy PE
Stomp Records

If you’re not familiar, Stomp Records was founded by Montreal ska-punk legends The Planet Smashers in 1994 and has released records by a handful of classic ska-punk bands (as well as bands from other genres. ), and Stomp played a crucial role in the recent resurgence of ska as well. They co-released Joystick’s excellent new album with Bad Time Records earlier this year, and today they’re releasing another of the best ska-punk releases I’ve heard in 2021: The fine line between real and crazy, the latest EP from Toronto band The Filthy Radicals. Prior to that, The Filthy Radicals had just released the Freedom 45 EP on Cursed Blessings Records last month, but Thin line feels like a notable milestone. It has a much bigger and clearer output, but doesn’t tame the gnarly sound of the Filthy Radicals at all. Across the EP’s first five songs, they deliver heart-breaking ska-punk / ska-core in the vein of bands like Choking Victim, Operation Ivy, and Against All Authority, and even in that context, there’s a fair amount. from musical diversity, from hardcore inducing circles to slower rocksteady and lots of in-between. (And her sixth and final track is a country song.) It’s not necessarily something you’ve never heard before, but The Filthy Radicals does. really good.

Remedy – Cure Meets Wu-Tang
RemedyRoss Music

The Staten Island Remedy Rapper has been affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan since appearing on the 1998 Wu-Tang Killa Bees compilation Swarm, and now he’s roped up several Wu-Tang members / affiliates (Ghostface Killah, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna, Masta Killa, Shyheim, Killah Priest, Solomon Childs, Trife Diesel and StreetLife), plus Conway The from Griselda Machine, for his first new album in over a decade, Cure Meets Wu-Tang. It was almost entirely produced by Ghostface / Inspectah Deck collaborator Danny Caiazzo, and it features at least one Wu-Tang member on almost every track. Remedy might have a history as a supporting cast member, but here he’s the director and the star, and he’s also given us something that pretty much counts as a new Wu-Tang album. From production to rap, everything seems to come straight out of the mid-90s, and the low-stakes rawness makes it refreshing. And if this is your introduction to Remedy, it’s a plus that he also included his signature song “Never Again” (from Swarm and several Remedy solo albums), in which the Jewish rapper approaches the history of the Holocaust in an incredibly personal way, drawing on the real-life experiences that his own family members had during this time. tragic.

Julie Doiron – I thought about you
You have changed

Longtime singer-songwriter, former Eric’s Trip member and Mount Eerie collaborator Julie Doiron has kept busy, but hasn’t released her own solo album in nine years. This is now changing with I thought about you – which she did with Daniel Romano, Ian Romano and Dany Placard – and it stays true to the kind of folk indie rock that Julie has been offering since the 90s. Bill talks more about it in Bill’s Indie Basement.

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