R. Kelly’s Last Shot to Beat Life Sentence, Jada’s Fix for Chris Rock and Will Smith

Young Thug declined the link:

An Atlanta judge refused to release Young Thug on bail after prosecutors feared he was a danger to society. Prosecutors are also concerned that Thug may intimidate witnesses. His trial date is set for January 2023.

Jada Pinkett on Will Smith’s slap:

On a new episode of Jada Pinkett Red table conference, she broke her silence about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. She started the show by acknowledging the alopecia community. When Jada spoke on the wild Oscar night, she said her deepest hope was that the two ‘smart’ men, Will and Chris, would have the opportunity to heal and reconcile the state of the world. today.

Tasha K made an appeal in the Cardi B. case:

Months after losing her court case with Cardi B, YouTuber Tasha K has launched her appeal to overturn the $4 million defamation verdict. During the hearing, Tasha’s legal team claimed a judge excluded a wide range of “key evidence” about Cardi B.’s “character” and didn’t let jurors see who “is really” Cardi. Tasha’s attorneys also argued that Cardi’s attorneys failed to prove that Tasha intentionally lied about Cardi.

R. Kelly’s last attempt to avoid life:

R Kelly denies involvement in a bribery scheme surrounding his marriage to Aaliyah in 1994. In a recent court appearance, he refutes allegations that he obtained a fake ID card for Aaliyah when she was 15 to get married. R Kelly was 27 at the time. R. Kelly’s legal team requested a reduced sentence from 14 to 17.5 years. He will be sentenced in two weeks for his child sex crimes.

Master P mourns his daughter:

Heartbreaking. Master P’s 29-year-old daughter Tytyana has died. In an IG post, he asked for privacy so his family could grieve. The official cause of death has not been released, police suspect it was a drug overdose. Tytyana was on WeTv’s Growing Up Hip Hop with her brother Romeo and she was open about her personal issues on the show. Our prayers and thoughts are with Master P and his family.

Should Jim Jones ‘take credit’ for Kid Cudi’s career?

Jim Jones takes credit for Kid Cudi’s career. During a recent Sirius XM interview, Jimmy said Kid Cudi was nobody before jumping on the remix of Kid Cudi’s 2008 hit, “Day N Night.” Jim explained how he put it on YouTube and someone from Hot 97 took it from there and started playing it on air. When Cudi got his contract, Jimmy was removed from the case, during the interview he said: “It happens like that but I am solely responsible for Kid Cudi’s career. You can go tell him that, he’ll tell you, ‘He’s right.’

Method Man hosts The Wire at 20 podcast:

Method Man has a new job as a podcast host. HBO has announced The Wire At 20, which is a retrospective of the iconic show. It will feature interviews with the cast, creators, and explain how the series was more than just a cop and crime drama. Check out the first episode.

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