Quavo says he would easily beat Drake in a basketball game

Drake and Quavo

On the latest episode of “Drink Champs,” NORE and DJ EFN hosted Quavo and Takeoff to discuss their new album. Designed for Infinity Links onlyJoe Budden’s altercation at the 2017 BET Awards, Saweetie, and more.

As members of Migos, Quavo and Takeoff – uncle and nephew respectively – along with Offset, paved the way for Atlanta’s hip hop culture. In 2011, the trio released their first project, Juug Seasonfollowed by no labels next year. The group made their big breakthrough with “Versace” in 2013, which notably popularized the triplet flow in the genre and peaked at number 99 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart thanks to its remix of Drake. Their dominance continued over the next few years with singles like 2014’s “Fight Night”, 2015’s “Look At My Dab” and 2016’s “Bad and Boujee”, which appeared on Migos. Culture album.

Since leaving the trio earlier this year, Quavo and Takeoff began charting their duet path with “Hotel Lobby” in May. The Georgian rappers followed up with Gucci Mane-assisted “Us vs. Them” in July and Birdman-assisted “Big Stunna,” all of which appear on the duo’s debut album. Designed for Infinity Links only. The 18-song project includes features from Young Thug, Gunna, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Summer Walker, and Mustard, among others. With 33,000 album-equivalent sales, it debuted at No. 1 on Billboardof the ranking of the best rap albums.

For this week’s “Drink Champs” recap, REVOLT has compiled a list of eight facts we learned from Quavo and Takeoff’s interview. Check them out below and watch the full episode here.

1. On Drake hopping on the “Versace” remix and the fashion house reaching out

Drake’s appearance on the “Versace” remix made it one of Migos’ best-known collaborative efforts. When the original came out in 2013 on the trio Young rich niggas mixtape, it quickly became a favorite among fans and the OVO camp. According to Quavo, not only did he introduce Versace to a new demographic, but the fashion brand also collaborated with them a decade later.

When asked if Versace had ever reached out, Quavo replied, “About three years ago. It doesn’t matter, it takes time. It’s perfect. I was hoping to get a lifetime Versace sponsorship, but we ended up buying a shoe. Elsewhere, Takeoff shared, “We really drove that stock up.”

2. On their infamous interview with Joe Budden

One of the many feuds Joe Budden has had throughout his tenure at “Everyday Struggle” was notably with Migos. The situation started when DJ Akademiks joked about Takeoff’s absence from the band’s hit album “Bad and Boujee”, to which the latter replied, “Do I feel like I’ve forgotten ‘Bad and Boujee’? Shortly after, Joe Budden announced that they had to wrap up, put his microphone down and walk away. Migos then jumped out, and there was a short scuffle until security intervened. “Joe was tripping,” Quavo said.

“He was sitting like he didn’t want to interview us from the jump. So we read his body like, ‘What’s wrong with him?’ We’re just waiting for him… We observe him, we answer questions. Joe says nothing. We always look at Joe like, ‘What the fuck is he going to do?’ “, Quavo explained. “We smoothed it out a little bit. We don’t have smoke. Shout out to Joe, man.

3. On Quavo playing basketball with Drake

Drake has been seen sitting courtside on several occasions during NBA games, showing his undeniable love for the sport. The multi-platinum rapper has been seen shooting hoops with Justin Bieber, Tory Lanez and Quavo over the years. “Me and Drake? I would beat Drake easily. It’s easy,” he shared.

“I’m trying to get into his league. They won’t let me in. I’m trying to get up there. I’m just going to fly back and forth,” Quavo joked. “[Drake] improved. Not to mention, Quavo also played Roddy Ricch on REVOLT’s “The Crew League” this week as well.

4. Whether or not they faced adversity amid Migos breakup rumors

With Quavo being Takeoff’s uncle, the North Atlanta rappers’ family ties were referenced as Unc and Phew amid early Migos breakup rumors. When asked if they had any trouble debuting as a duo, Quavo and Takeoff revealed that they were previously a two-man crew when Offset was locked up in 2013 for violating probation.

“Not really. That’s how we started. [Offset] was locked up when we entered. We kept his name alive and just made sure to let people know he was three, [not] two,” Quavo shared. Takeoff added, “If you’re a fan, you know. From the jump they knew what we were screaming, what we had on the shirts and branding. It was no secret.

5. On the chances of Migos getting together

It is highly unlikely that Migos will reform anytime soon. Quavo and Takeoff recognize that Migos will always be a part of their lives, but they have no intention of bringing the group back together just yet. “It’s still Migos. That name right there got us through the roof of the fucking king. You can’t sell it or give it up,” Quavo began.

About a Migos meeting, he explained, “We don’t know. I do not think so. Right now, I believe in the duo. As you just said, you play the game out of loyalty. We’re just about loyalty and like I said in the songs and stuff, we’re about loyalty to the mother. It’s just about us and when things aren’t going well, sometimes we have to move on.

6. On lyrics referencing Saweetie’s appearance on “Caresha Please” and cheating rumors

On the album’s “Messy,” Quavo apparently took some subliminal shots at his ex-girlfriend Saweetie, rapping, “I said, ‘Caresha, please’ ’cause she too messy / B**ch f**k my dawg behind my back, but I don’t stress / You wanted the gang, you should’ve said it, we would’ve blessed it. The lyrics are a nod to rumors that the “My Type” rapper slept with Offset, hence their breakup, as she was spotted with Lil Baby a few months ago. Later in the interview, Quavo dipped into the lyrics and provided a little more clarity.

“Everything I said on my album is fact. Everything I did on my album is fact. That’s what it is. If she wanted the gang, she should have said it. We would have blessed. You know what it is,” Quavo said. “I’m not sitting here to stand on no fucking king testimony for no judge, man. I’m not that.

7. On YoungBoy Never Broke Again appearing on their album and never having paid for features

Over their decade-long career, the Migos have had a number of A-list features and frequent collaborators including Drake, Young Thug, Nicki Minaj and several others. Among the new generation, YoungBoy Never Broke Again made an appearance in “To The Bone” by Built for Infinity Links only. After NORE asked the duo if they paid the alleged $150,000 NBA feature fee that The Game was charged for their album DRILLMATIC: Heart versus mind, Quavo revealed that they never had to spend money on features. “No, we don’t pay for any features,” he said.

Quavo knowingly joked, “We’ve never paid for a feature. And the game doesn’t have to pay for any features [from us]. Game, you don’t have to pay for any features of Huncho, you already know what’s going on.

8. On how Childish Gambino helped ‘Bad and Boujee’ hit the radio and the charts

While accepting the 2017 Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series for his FX show “Atlanta,” Donald Glover shouted to Migos for their song “Bad and Boujee”. As revealed by Quavo and Takeoff, the song peaked at No. 1 the next day following his speech.

“I think the song was #3, #2, top five or something. But when he said that, the next day it was No. 1. It was on its way, but when he said that…I’m not going to lie, he helped that,” Quavo said. Offset continued, “Shout out to my Childish Gambino boy.”

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