Pokemon Releases ‘DJ Pikachu’ Remix Clip and Fans Are Loving It

Posted: 2021-03-12T05:07:13

Updated: 2021-03-12T05:33:30

The Pokemon Company surprised fans by dropping an electrifying “DJ Pikachu” mixtape remix on their Japanese YouTube channel, and fans are totally loving the shocking music video and, of course, DJ Pikachu.

Pokemon’s surprise music video, titled “Lighting Remix” features the franchise’s famous electric mouse spinning bridges in a warehouse full of strobes.

In the clip, the huge stuffed Pikachu remixes a number of popular songs from the game’s long history, including the original intro music “Red” and “Blue” (rendered very dirty) as well as the noises of the Pokemon Center and the first generation battle. theme.

Throughout the clip, effects and strobes surround the energetic Pikachu.

DJ Pikachu ends his surprise ⁠—but very, very welcome ⁠—remix with a second version of Red & Blue’s original theme song, with two more Pikachu dancers coming to flank the DJ during the finale.

Overall, the two and a half minute musical montage is pretty hilarious and fans are loving it. It has already racked up over 25,000 views in its first two hours on YouTube. We’re gonna be honest too ⁠— it’s going hard, in the best possible way.

Don’t take our word for it; here is the “DJ Pikachu” video:

Pokemon Fans Love “DJ Pikachu”

Pretty awesome, right?

Well, if you liked it, you’re definitely not alone.

Shortly after the video was released on YouTube, we shared it on our Twitter account. The reviews came fairly quickly, with one voice: “enlightened enough”.

“THIS IS HARD,” wrote one Twitter user, while another said it was their “favorite song.” The same feeling can also be found on the Internet. In the YouTube comments section, TiggyTiger called Pikachu “the best DJ ever”, while Warm Lillie said, “Omg those beats are electrifying!!!”

01MrBLA also wrote, “I’d love to catch a DJ Pikachu gig 24 hours a day.”

The Pokemon Company

DJ Pikachu’s shock “Lightning Remix” is a very good surprise for Pokemon fans.

Is “DJ Pikachu” on Spotify, Apple Music?

At this time, it doesn’t appear that The Pokemon Company has uploaded “DJ Pikachu” anywhere else.

The game company offers a number of movie soundtracks downloaded from Spotify and Apple Music, including a collection of greatest hits titled “Pokemon X“. There are also a number of TV tracks that have been uploaded to their account. Pikachu’s new mixtape, however, is not among the released tracks.

If that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know! For now, though, you might need to hit that YouTube replay button once or twice — the Dexerto team sure will.

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