Ora The Molecule Releases “Beat Beat Beat” Music Video & EP Remix – MP3 and PNJ

Ora The Molecule shared the music video for “Beat Beat Beat” today.

The visual, which can be seen below, was produced by the artist, who said this about his work on the video:

“I shot and made this video myself. It was just me and my brother Tirian as he visited me in Granada, Spain. He was in alchemy and karate circles there. ‘time, so we did a video where he could be like the heroes It was kinda awesome, we were both doing art in a way. I was making a music video where he was the epitome of it. adult spirit who is really still a child, trying to keep up with society’s “homework” while being called back to the land of imagination and nature, with Tirian fighting demons and showing me tricks.

The song is about the danger of pushing with too many questions, while trying to live in society, and when you take everything that is going on into consideration. It is difficult to live a “normal” life. So it’s a contradiction. The sleeping beast is the reason or the higher consciousness in everyone, and if everyone lived true to it, we could not continue to do what we do in today’s consumer society on the planet. Earth.”

To coincide with the video’s release, Ora The Molecule has also released the EP remix “Beat Beat Beat”, which features remixes by Gillian Gilbert, founding member of New Order, Moon Boots and OTON. The EP is available on digital services at present.

“Beat Beat Beat” comes from Ora The Molecule’s debut album, Human Safari, which is out now on Mute Records.

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