NLE Choppa – Another Baby OTW (Pound Cake Remix) Song

NLE Choppa has largely cooled off this year. After an incredibly eventful 2020 which included the release of his debut album, Top Shotta, as good as From darkness to light – an album that marked his holistic transformation. However, 2021 has been a rather low-key year for it overall in terms of releases, although it has provided some solid guest features.

Today the rapper slipped with a brand new freestyle on Drake’s 2013 NWTS outro, “Pound Cake”. The rapper offers an insight into his life and long-term goals, including his aspirations to become a billionaire. However, it’s times like these that he also recognizes how money can’t necessarily bring him happiness. “If money takes care of everything / Why do I want something money can’t buy?” He raps on the record. Materialistic aspects aside, Choppa expresses his desire to bring better opportunities through generational wealth.

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Words to quote
Daddy say I’m bitches on my Memphis shit
But naan one of my women is gonna be a Memphis chick
Closed-minded, I can’t face it
I need support too, or I want a meal ticket

NLE Choppa


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