Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray discuss sexuality

On the heels of their “Blick Blick” collab, Nicki Minaj hosted Coi Leray live on Instagram on Friday night.

During their candid conversation, they got into some stuff, including an intimate discussion about sexuality.

Nicki asked the 24-year-old rapper if she was a lesbian, to which she replied, “No, I like dick.”

Coi has admitted to having sex with a woman, but she does not consider herself bisexual. “No, I used to eat pussy. It just wasn’t for me,” she said. “After being in it, that’s when I realized. I was like, listen, this isn’t for me. It’s not my kind of thing.”

When it comes to sexual partners, Coi prefers men. “You know how it is, I like the touch of a man. I like aggression, so a girl can’t really give me that aggression.

Nicki suggested that women can be aggressive too, citing Young MA as an example. “Is that aggressive enough?” she asked Coi. While Coi said she found the “Ooouuu” rapper “cute,” she said, “I’d rather just date a boy.”

Coi explained that her tomboy image is the result of being the only girl in a family of boys. “My shit kinda looks like, I guess, lesbian or tomboy or dyke or whatever they want to call it.”

However, Coi did not rule out a future relationship with a woman. “Maybe one day I’ll meet a girl in the future and she’ll change her mind,” she said. “It doesn’t excite me at the moment, but maybe I don’t know.”

Nicki then opened up about her own experience with a woman when she was a teenager. “You know I had my scene, right? So I had a boo when I was in high school and she was so, so, so cute,” she said before focus again on “Blick Blick”.

Minaj, who married Kenneth Petty in 2019, has previously opened up about her sexuality. Earlier in her career, she pretended to be bi to get attention.

“I think girls are sexy,” she said rolling stone in a 2010 interview. “But I’m not going to lie and say I date girls.”

During her 2020 remix to Doja Cat’s “Say So,” Nicki addressed the speculation by rapping, “Before I was bi, but now I’m just straight.”

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