New York rappers meet with Mayor Eric Adams to discuss Drill Rap

Music – 2 months ago

Photo credit: @mainohustlehard (Instagram)

On Tuesday night, Maino, Fivio Foreign and others met with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to discuss whether the city’s crime is influenced by drill rap.

Politics met hip-hop on Tuesday night, as a crew of New York rappers met the mayor Eric Adams to discuss his issues with New York drilling rap. The roundtable was moderated by Foreign Fivio and Mainowho posted a clip on Instagram about the ensuing conversation.

“We talked a lot about drill rap, drill music in New York, the connection between violence and culture, and I just wanted to create a conversation with the mayor,” Maino said in the clip.

“We brought Fivio here, we grew young B-Lovee here, Slow deer here we brought Bleezy here to talk about what’s really going on so that the mayor can get a real perspective and a real understanding of what drill rap is and so that we can have a real dialogue and really shake the things.

“We’re going to roll out something together on the whole conversation and I’m looking forward to it,” Adams added, giving Maino a handshake.

The discussion comes after Adams spoke out against drill rap last week at a press conference. Adams maintained his position that drill rap was the culprit for the rise in violence in the city and called on social media platforms to ban drill music videos, comparing it to donald trump get banned from Twitter.

“I had no idea what drill rap was, but I called my son, and he sent me some videos, and it’s alarming. We’re going to bring the social media companies together, sit down with them and declare that you have a civic and corporate responsibility,” Adams said. “We took Trump off Twitter because of what he was throwing up, but we allow music, gun displays , violence, we allow it to stay on the site, because look at the victims. We bring them in, we’re going to show exactly what’s on display, and we’re alarmed by that. We’re alarmed by the use of social media to really overproliferate this violence in our communities.

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