Multiverse players quickly beat the challenge to unlock the Rick & Morty scene

The developers of MultiVersus challenged fans to reach 10 million rings to unlock a new Rick & Morty scene, and fans rose to the challenge.

The developers behind MultiVersus challenged fans to reach 10 million ringtones to unlock a new rick and morty level, but the massive task was completed faster than expected. Warner Bros.’ The new free-to-play platformer pits many popular characters from WB properties against each other. The results are matchups between the franchises that fans wouldn’t typically imagine being lumped together. Since July 26, the MultiVersus The beta is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows platforms. Fans can battle with characters from series ranging from Batman at adventure time at game of thrones. With the game being free to play, fans can expect more stages and new fighters to join the game over time, starting with Adult Swim’s. rick and morty.


With MultiVersus Now available to all players, fans can start working to unlock new stages and more fighters from the game’s current roster of seventeen characters. Developer Player First Games designed the gameplay with 2v2 matches in mind. Each character belongs to a specific class that players can team up with other fighters to design the most effective strategies. As Super Smash Bros., MultiVersus characters must use their unique attacks and abilities to damage opponents and stun other players. And in a very short time, players rang 10 million characters, earning the community a new rick and morty card to fight.

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Players collectively made 10 million ringouts to complete the MultiVersus Cromulons Community Challenge less than three hours after the task was given. As reported by Rant Gamethe MultiVersus The Twitter account challenged players to “SHOW US WHAT YOU HAVE” through a series of tweets using one of the rick and mortythe most popular jokes. After completing the challenge, the rick and morty-themed Cromulons map became available to all players. New MultiVersus map lets players battle it out on the musical stage featured in season two of the hit animated series, where a highly advanced alien race compels civilizations to entertain them in a twisted, large-scale reality competition. Hopefully the battles featured in MultiVersus will be quite entertaining for the Cromulons.

MultiVersus Fans Showed The Developer What They Got

The new content available for the new F2P fighter is a great sign that developer Player First Games is trying to keep MultiVersus feeling of freshness. More content is also set to release on August 9, which marks the start of the game’s first season. Players will also be able to play as Morty from the rick and morty series, with his uncle following shortly after with a release date yet to be announced. Previous leaks have also suggested characters like Harry Potter, Neo from The matrixand even Naruto could possibly be added to MultiVersus.

The new fighting game has launched in beta, which means that some bugs still need to be ironed out. Some streamers have video proof of Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus lobbies before disappearing. It could be a bug or a brilliant marketing technique meant to tease players of upcoming content. However, with consistent updates and new content planned, MultiVersus can become one of the best platform fighters that can be played on multiple platforms.

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