Much-needed road win: Caps beat Predators 4-1

The Washington Capitals emerged victorious in a road game against the Nashville Predators on Tuesday night, but whether or not it was a good game is up for debate.

Joe Snively extended his strong start with a first-period goal set up by Conor Sheary. Nashville rang the iron four times but then beat Samsonov with a lucky rebound early in the third period. In quick response, Nick Jensen teamed up the Dowd line for a stunning goal, then Alex Ovechkin scored on the power play. Ovi added another with an empty thread.

The selections win 4-1.

  • Joe Snively in eight games: three goals, three assists. Not bad for a Herndonian.
  • justin schultz left the game after the first half with – well, we’re told it’s an upper body injury, but watch the video clip and let me know what you think.
  • Alex Ovechkinhad tough times with Mattias Ekholm and Alexandre Carrier, but Ovi had his powerplay attack. His PPG ends a six-game slump and finishes at 30 this season.
  • There was a lot of good in this game, but you have to admit that the Caps were very lucky. The Preds hit a lot of pipes and really controlled the game late in each period.
  • I don’t want to remove Ilya Samsonoveffort. He had to make 15 saves in the first half, and he was damn good when needed.
  • I just want to include a video of Jensen’s goal. This transition was smooth and everyone was involved.

  • Connor McMichael broke ten minutes of ice time and had two great breakaway chances.

Was it a good game? I do not know. It is complicated. Washington was outplayed overall, but the scorecard looked good. But it took a lot of luck to turn it into a happy result, and Washington’s five-on-five weakness continues unabated. But we had some great grinder plays, a big goal from a young kid, and Ovi boosted the stats. Again: I don’t know. Any win is pretty good I guess, but you decide in the comments.

Meanwhile, are we all staying up late Wednesday for the Canada-USA game?

Main image: NBC Sports Washington

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