Moxie Raia ‘Follow Me (KLYMVX Remix)’ Clip Feat. Wyclef Jean: Look

After the release of his mixtape on November 4 931 Reloaded, Moxie Raia is back with the video for his song “Follow Me (KLYMVX Remix)” with Wyclef Jean, broadcast exclusively on Billboard.

The New Jersey / New York native, who has toured with Justin Bieber before, has made waves by making both the Spotify Viral 50 list and Billboard The ranking of emerging artists on Twitter with his songs “On My Mind” with Pusha T and his interpretation of “WWYD” with Vic Mensa.

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See the latest videos, graphics and news

When it comes to creating new tracks, Raia says she’s constantly looking for a specific feeling, similar to the vibes she got from listening to soul music with her dad growing up. “Most, [I look for] the feeling that soul music gives me. So gender doesn’t really matter; if I have that feeling, that’s what I’m always looking for in music, ”she said. Billboard.

These abstract feelings encompass the concept of his latest video. An upbeat mix with a dance vibe diverging from the stripped-down acoustic original, the accompanying visual for the remix features a collection of behind-the-scenes footage from tours and interviews.

“Really, the idea of ​​the video was to follow me into my happiness. It was basically saying, you know, ‘This is my trip. Follow me to my happy place and maybe you’ll make a video of yourself going to your happy place, ”says Raia. “And just knowing that wherever we follow each other, we are each other. Whatever we do on our travels, we do it to give and share love with one another.

Check out Raia’s video for her song “Follow Me (KLYMVX Remix)” with Wyclef Jean below.

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