Mark Hamill is disappointed that no one really beat Bobby Flay!

Actor Marc Hamil still making jokes!

This time, her fans are joining the party!

Mark Hamill watched ‘Shark Tank’… Where are the sharks?

On Monday, the “Star Wars” actor tweeted“I finally watched an episode of Shark Tank and was very disappointed that there were no sharks or sea life of any kind.🦈”

Say it’s not!

Fans were quick to join in with their own comments.

“Kind of how I felt when I first saw Star Wars,” one user replied. “Not a star in sight, unless you count Peter Cushing.”

“The show is really a lie,” added another. “Sharks can’t even drive tanks.”

“Shark Tank is a scam from Canada’s ‘Dragon Den’,” wrote another. “Just think how I felt when there were no dragons…”

“Would be pretty awesome if it was like a pitch show + dunk tank + sharks,” another wrote. “You fail to convince the judges/investors and you fall into the shark tank (like nurse sharks because otherwise I think the insurance liability would be quite high) and have to swim out.”

Another fan replied, “So you can imagine how I feel about Beat Bobby Flay.”

This one caught the eye of Mark Hamill!

Mark Hamill expected Bobby Flay to get a beating!

In response to the tweet, Hamill commented, “I’ve watched this show a few times but it was just cooking, no Bobby Flay getting beat up or even lightly manhandled like I expected.”

“Law?” asked another fan. “He always comes out unscathed.

Again, they could be referring to Flay’s relentless winning streak, which has angered fans.


“Mark, I saw an episode where the challenge was to make chilaquiles,” one user shared. “The challenger did a fantastic job. Bobby Flay made tostadas, which don’t even come close to being chilaquiles. And, he won. I had no interest in watching ‘Bobby Flay’s Inflated Ego’ anymore.

“The red velvet cake challenge where he didn’t make red velvet cake,” another user wrote. “Aargh.”

This isn’t the first time Hamill has had fun with his fans! Earlier this month he asked them to guess the name of his new Netflix show!

Mark Hamill plays guessing game with fans to promote Netflix Horror Show!

Many fans could quickly figure out that Mark Hamill’s new show was called “The Fall of the House of Usher.” It wasn’t that hard to piece together, especially considering that the show’s creator Mike Flanagan been teasing updates about it on Twitter for quite a while!

Although fans may know the short story that Edgar Allan Poe released in the 1800s, Netflix described the show as a “modern remix” of many of his works.

Hamill will be joined by the actress Carla Gugino, which has appeared in many of Flanagan’s other Netflix projects. Oscar nominee Frank Langelle was chosen as Usher family patriarch, Roderick Usher. “Major Crimes” Star Mary McDonnell was cast as her twin sister, Madeline Usher, and the “Alias” actor Carl Lumbly was cast for Detective C. Auguste Dupin. Willa Fitzgerald join the cast January 28.

Mark Hamill loves when his homework gives him nightmares!

The name of the new series was also pretty easy to guess, given that Mark Hamill posted a photo of himself reading “The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe” the day before his previous tweet.

Although Hamill’s character has yet to be named, he is said to be “surprisingly comfortable in the shadows”.

The series will run for eight episodes; each of which was written by Flanagan himself. Him and a long-time collaborator Michel Fimognari will each direct four episodes each.

Flanagan is the mastermind behind Netflix horror classics such as ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ and the recent ‘Midnight Mass’, all of which have received critical acclaim.

“The Fall of House Usher” is still filming and currently has no release date.

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