Malachi releases music video for We Move (Remix), starring Kwesta and DJ Capital – JustNje

Malachi confirmed the Release of the We move (Remix) music video, featuring Kwesta and DJ Capital, which supports his EP, Wicked Romance, Vol 2.

Malachi took to Instagram on Friday, July 9, 2021 to confirm the availability of the We move (Remix) music video, with Kwesta and DJ Capital. The music video for the song was released alongside his new six-track EP, Wicked Romance, Vol 2.

According to the shared promotional statement, “In 2020 young R&B artist Malachi released his EP”Wicked romance who explored the ideas of unhealthy infatuation; today, Malachi returns with a new era of emotional musicality and continues her story of falling in love and falling in love with the follow-up, Wicked Romance, Vol 2. “

Directed and edited by Artbytk and Elysée Louis, the clip is inspired by the catchphrase of the single. The hook refers to the urban understanding of the term ‘we move’, which suggests going through sad or traumatic experiences. Therefore, the clip showcases the type of women Malachi has or can go through as a result of her latest heartbreak.

Watch the We move (Remix) music video below.

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