Machine Gun Kelly made a beat noise from “Finding Nemo” Ellen

In addition to hosting its own long-running talk show, perhaps the defining work of the career of Ellen DeGeneres is expressed in Dory The world of Nemo movies. As of today Ellen episode, Machine Gun Kelly was invited and he brought these two worlds together by DeGeneres remix one of DeGeneres’ most iconic The world of Nemo moments.

To conclude the segment “Burning Questions”, the last prompt was “Do your best finding Dory printing. “It was a set-up for something MGK had expected, which began with taking away a piece of hardware for music production. He started showing DeGeneres a preloaded audio sample it on the machine, video for her character Dory taking “whale noises.” from there, he reversed the sound and used it as a base for an instrumental beat, which left DeGeneres impressed.

Elsewhere in the segment DeGeneres asked which group of boys would like to play Kelly at her wedding. He replied: “What’s boys will I know most of the songs? Of course, NSYNC. Which group do I know surprisingly all these facts? BTS. […] I remember once I met them at the Billboard rewards. They were as excited to meet me. I think I have a better chance to come BTS.

See the segment above. Kelly also talked about her tattoos and those of Travis Barker, so check it below.

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