Louis Theroux’s TikTok rap remix hit a major Youtube milestone

As TikTok users know, it’s been hard to escape the “My Money Don’t Jiggle, Jiggle” rap lately. The track first went viral after broadcaster Louis Theroux appeared on an episode of the popular web series Meet at the Chicken Shop with Amelia Dimoldenbergduring which the filmmaker reflected on an original rap song he wrote in an episode of his documentary series, The bizarre weekends of Louis Théroux. A remix of the verse later caught the attention of social media users around the world. Now, Theroux’s TikTok rap just hit a Youtube milestone.

As of this writing, the remixed track – created by UK music producers Duke & Jones – has garnered over 3.9 million views on Youtube. That number is likely to grow as the song’s popularity continues to boom on TikTok, where Duke & Jones’ original viral clip has been viewed 49.5 million times and gained over 6.6 million likes. .

“We need this on Spotify because it’s really good,” enthused a fan on Youtube, while another viewer claimed that the self-tuned clip is “better than 99% of the rap scene “.

The renewed popularity of novelty rap has inspired one of the biggest TikTok trends of 2022 so far, featuring Austin and Marideth Telenko (a popular dancing couple), Diversity’s Perri Kiely, Rita Ora and the cast of Downton Abbey sharing their take on the “My Money Won’t Move, Won’t Move” craze.

Elsewhere, BBC Two released an unreleased clip 2000 docuseries Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends in 2020, which revealed that Theroux’s trending rap actually had a second verse. “Driving in my Fiat, you really have to see it. I’m six foot two in a compact. No slack, but luckily the seats back up,” the lyrics read.

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