Louis Theroux joins TikTok and references his viral rap in a first video

Louis Theroux delighted internet users by officially joining TikTok – and of course his debut on the platform was to include his viral rap song “My money does not move Jiggle.

More than two decades ago, in 2000, Theroux rapped lines from one of the episodes of his documentary series weird weekends where he traveled to New Orleans to interview the local rap scene and had the chance to write his own lyrics and rap for American radio listeners.

In a recent interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg on Chicken Shop Date, Theroux gave fans a 2022 take on the rap he still remembered impressively with lyrics all these years later which are:

My money don’t shake, don’t shake, it bends/ I wanna see you wiggle, wiggle, that’s for sure/ Makes me wanna dribble, dribble, you know/ Ride in my Fiat/ You really gotta see it/ I’m 6ft 2in in a compact/ No slack but fortunately the seats go back/I have the gift of relaxing/In my head, I feel good/ And I sip red, red wine

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Music producers Duke & Jones (@dukeandjones) then added their remix magic to the clip with autotune as well as adding a catchy beat to create the viral TikTok sound everyone loved.

After becoming a TikTok sensation without actually being on TikTok, Theroux (@officiallouistheroux) finally joined the platform and posted a clip of him walking down the street as the caption read, “Late to the party but I made it…” with his rapping serving as the backing track.

Since joining TikTok three days ago, Theroux’s video has received 5.2 million views, 839,000 likes, 330,000 followers as well as thousands of comments from people who expressed their joy at the director of documentaries referencing his viral rapping.

One person said, “THIS SONG WON’T BREATH ME.”

“You took over TikTok before you were even there,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Louis you’re gonna have to do the dance I’m afraid Mate.”

“Cancel my therapy appointment, that’s all I need,” replied a fourth person.

“Late?! You ARE the party, Louis!! Welcome,” the official TikTok account commented.

The BBC also wrote: “Our king has arrived”.

Overall, over 900,000 people have used the Duke & Jones remix of Theroux’s rap, including celebrities such as Ant and Dec, Riverdale actors Jade Thirwall, Gino D’Acampo and Ian Wright.

Perhaps we could see Theroux show off his rapping skills once again as it has been announced that he is hosting a new six-part series on BBC Two with his first subject being grime artist Stormzy, and he recently was spotted attending one of his concerts.

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