Listen to Whoppa Wit Da Choppa’s “Viral”: New Rap Music Today

Whoppa Wit Da Choppa – “Viral”


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A message appears on screen during the opening seconds of the music video for Whoppa Wit Da Choppa’s “Viral”: “The following music video consists of Mr. Whop and his friends enjoying some quality time together…” That quality time includes cutting pounds of grass. on a plate with a fork and knife, aggressively raining down the strip club, performing fight rolls in a lounge, and practicing their money draws. Even though it’s obvious that Whoppa Wit Da Choppa is the most ridiculous and funniest rapper in this new wave of rap from Jacksonville, Florida, I keep wondering, “Is that really funny?” His songs pass themselves off as goofy marathons, but they’re almost exclusively heartless diss tracks. “I laced my black Forces slip on your street / I watched your house all night like that TV bitch,” he raps. Yet underlying this joke and the others he tells, there is an unsettling seriousness that can make it hard to laugh.

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