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OTM – “Adios”


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One of Drakeo the Ruler’s last great verses is his appearance on the “Cliffhanger” remix, where he rips the beat as nimbly as a defensive lineman. The song belongs to Duffy and BluePesos, who are OTM, the South Central LA duo picking up where Drakeo left off. As members of the Stinc team, they use their quiet, emotionless deliveries to talk shit relentlessly. On “Adios”, they compete on a relaxed rhythm that matches their casualness. Duffy is the more fluid of the two: his flow has a conversational bent that might recall Detroit’s World Tour Mafia collective, but punctuated by frequent changes of pace. Meanwhile, BluePesos is a direct descendant of Drakeo, with a raspy voice and a knack for taking breaths so short between his punchlines they sound like endless sentences. Their subtle differences on a similar basis made them a good pair to help carry the Stinc team name.

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