Listen to Blaq Kush’s “Long Island Acid Jazz”: New Rap Music Today

Blaq Kush – “”Long Island Acid Jazz”


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Blaq Kush is content to sit in his corner and watch the rest of the world go by. He has a conspiratorial eye, but he balances paranoia with humor. On “Long Island Acid Jazz,” a recent loosie, he raps over a guitar riff that sounds like a holdover from MF DOOM. born like this sessions – it’s heavily distorted and looks like it was taken from a live performance. He inserts snippets of history between his enigmatic lines, running through the characters like a novelist. It will detail a moment of psychiatric confusion (“The therapist tried to listen but never heard his rage”), then pivot to the awkwardness of a slice of life (“Remember to say hello, you heard a” hey “nervous”). As he goes through these stories, he drops witty asides (“No one can see me/I’m 106’s Blind Fury”) and statements of intent (“Never blame the music /Just blame the market and the advertisers”). It’s a dense barrage delivered with ease.

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