Listen to “Baobab” by Kofi: New Rap Music Today

Kofi – “Baobab”


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Kofi’s work is often inscrutable – whispered deep in the dark as if trying to excise his innermost demons. “Baobab” is no different. Produced by lxdxp, the beat is precariously constructed, set up over rickety sub-bass and low-rate percussion; the cavernous aura he creates pairs well with Kofi’s weird flow. His voice is deep in the mix, making it difficult to understand what he is saying. The lines you hear are slightly blurred, abstract claims to a higher mind: “I don’t mind being the evil you feed / No, I’m an angel.” While calling this music Horrorcore might seem appropriate, that genre label is too reductive for what’s going on here. Kofi seeks something deeper than shock tactics, and his sinister aesthetic mirrors his process of intellection: the deeper he digs into his psyche, the murkier he becomes.

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