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Nemzzz – “2MS”


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Manchester MC Nemzzz has been on a roll lately, dropping tracks that match his rigorous flow with heavy beats. The seventeen-year-old rapper’s latest track, “2MS,” is a tremendous display of his unique style. The production is made up of galaxy-devouring sub-bass, choppy production and an inverted vocal sample; this mix of sounds forms a throbbing backdrop to the icy flow of Nemzzz. After rapping the comic’s opening line (“Yo, bro got black and white like MJ/caramel one, she bad”), he proceeds to tear down everything in his path, spitting out words so quickly that it’s easy to miss his playful asides (my favorite of these is: “Invest in me, like NFT/Bro whipped that quick/that’s a cup of tea”). Fortunately, he slows down from time to time, literally stopping to ask you if you understood what he just said (“Do you hear that? / Clap, clap”). It’s a verbal attack delivered with humor.

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