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Dolphin Midwives (AKA Sage Fisher) plays the Holocene on Wednesday, February 23. Courtesy of Marmoset Music

With all the oddly sunny and dry weather in February, getting out of the house for dinner and seeing a show doesn’t seem so bad. This week, there are more than a few promising showcases (and from different ends of the genre spectrum, no less), a few new music releases, and an upcoming album from Rose City rapper Serge Severe.

A show not to be missed.

Dolphin midwives

Dolphin Midwives, the Portland-based future-pop-chaos solo project of singer/songwriter/harpist Sage Fisher, is hosting a belated album release celebration in support of her latest album, 2021 Body of water, which was recorded the previous year with Grammy-nominated producer Martine Tucker. The project often sees Fisher mutate his voice over layers of electronic distortion and harp loops. Dubbed a “Crying Sanctuary”, the evening is meant to serve as a place to release all of these emotions, including catharsis, abandonment, vulnerability and joy through projected immersive video, quadraphonic audio, experimental performance and movement. On another note, the Holocene also recently suspended its vaccine booster requirement in an effort to better accommodate all people who have recently contracted COVID and therefore have a somewhat longer waiting period for a booster.

Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Wednesday, Feb. 23, 8 p.m., $12, tickets here, with Crystal Quartez, Min Jung Yoon, Amulets, Hasmood

Two great new releases from locally relevant artists.

Xutakes 2Sxlxmon

Today loyal Portland producer Sxlxmxn released a new beat tape remix, Xutakes 2, via Bandcamp. Specializing in fluid, instrumental hip-hop, Sxlxmxn’s new project follows the beatmaker’s 2019 tape Xutakes Vol 1– which begins with a sweet Sade sample, then samples of Jay Z’s “Lucifer” – and June’s five-track University Park EP, which featured the likes of trumpeter Farnell Newton, and songs named after icons like Kanye West, Jay Electronica and local Alberta icon Street Market. Even better: tonight (Friday, Feb. 19), Sxlxmxn will play this month’s hip-hop showcase at local label Thirsty City. It takes place at the Kenton Club, and also features beatmakers like Stanley Ipkuss from Oakland (I like a The mask reference), Elusive (of Alpha Pup Records), and rapper/producer/musician A’Revolution, aka Alexandra Washington, a newcomer to the Portland hip-hop scene.
Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick, Fri. Feb. 19, 8 p.m., $10, with Stanley Ipkiss, Elusive, A’Revolution

Who listens anyway: round tableZyah Beautiful

Zyah Belle reunites with a group of girlfriends for a panel discussion to discuss themes from her recent project Who’s listening anyway. The whole thing is glorious and feels like a particularly lively but cozy episode of Angela Yee and Stephanie Santiago. lip service Podcast. With two episodes out (so far), the six ladies define luxury, debate wrestling meals, and talk nothing but dating men who truly love you, giving advice to their younger selves, revenge, individuality, and all. the rest. I don’t know if it’s in the cards, but I’d be really happy if there could be weekly episodes of this production, or at the very least five parts of the Who listens anyway: round table. For now, we can listen to part 1 and part 2 again.

Some upcoming music buzz to put on your radar.

When crows flySerge Severe

Portland-based emcee Serge Severe is gearing up to release a new 12-track feature, When crows fly. The cover of the upcoming project features Severe standing under North Portland’s St. Johns Bridge in a hoodie that aptly reads “True North.” There are now two singles already released for the album, the upbeat and catchy “For This”, and the slowed down, darker track “Moods”, produced by Jack City, which at the end features an automated operator for a telephone line. prison that breaks down. to connect the call to an inmate. Watch out for full When crows fly project on Bandcamp on March 4th.

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