Land of Rap – June 2022

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It’s an amazing time to be a rapper in Wales right now, it seems. It’s even better to be a fan because
a constant stream of releases and events featuring some of the most prolific names in Welsh hip-hop and grime means you’re never short of something to sink your teeth into.

A show that looked like if you missed it, you missed it was Mercy Pinkthe flagship program of
Holders. Their first EP’The trip’ quickly followed and it instantly became one of my favorite releases of the year (so far). As an introduction to the duo, this offers the perfect palette of what they are and I sincerely hope that a full project is in the works (no rush!).

Lighthouse‘ is the latest release from Fishguard’s Do not associate (DNA). This along with his other recent drop’turbo‘ are starting to show where the youngster is at creatively and while he can switch between styles, I really like where he’s headed right now. You can hear the growth of confidence and attitude on these last two tracks and with the announcement of an EP on the way, I’m thrilled to hear
if he developed that sound or if there will be more twists in the story.

We were treated to a hat-trick of leads to coincide with Wales’ World Cup qualification efforts. Mace the Great, Mr. Phormula and Sage Todz and Marine have all volunteered their services to create music that would rock any dressing room before they hit the playing field they are on! The classic that is ‘Brave‘ gets a remix and video that puts Mace in everyone’s living rooms on Match of the Day, while Welsh-language rap master Phormula has teamed up with Sgorio to bring you ‘A Cenedl‘. Sage and Marino was a collaboration that both of them knew would have been a bond for the ages and they did not disappoint. ‘O Hyd’. If this one doesn’t give you goosebumps, check your pulse.

Other notable drops include Juice Threatit is “I can not complain”brand new album Echoes from Bard
by Picasso Rollothe first project OFFSET of Kinnigan, Lloyd and Dom James relate ‘Pwy Sy’n Galw’ And much more. You can find the majority of May releases in MAY by Larynx Entertainment

2022 playlist here:

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