Kylie Jenner’s “Rise and Shine” Remix – Listen

October 18, 2019, 2:04 p.m.

Why hasn’t anyone released Kylie Jenner’s “rise and shine” remix on Spotify yet?

I know for a do that I’m not alone when I say Kylie Jenner has been singing “Rise and Shine” in my head for 48 hours. And now that I heard the remix, I’m afraid he will never Leave.

Thanks to this moment of her visit to the Kylie Cosmetics office, King Kylie quickly became the internet star. new favorite meme. Since they went viral, several people (including Ariana Grande) recreated and remixed his vocal sample.

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Kylie already endorsed an absolutely awesome dubstep remix on Twitter and now she just shared a video of Stormi dancing to a remix so Fire that some fans are asking for it to be put on streaming services.

Kylie shared Stormi’s video on Twitter and Instagram yesterday (October 17). While Stormi was living her absolute best life dancing to the track, it took 20 seconds before the little legend realized it wasn’t her Grammy-nominated and critically acclaimed father, Travis Scott, singing and quickly asked her mother to put her music on instead.

Kylie didn’t reveal the exact creator of the remix, but a longer version of the track has been uploaded multiple times to YouTube by several different accounts.

Here’s a two-minute version that you can set as a new alarm tone or to play the next time you get your hands on the AUX at a party:

If Kylie isn’t nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2020 Grammy’s, then…well, I probably won’t because it might be the most insignificant thing to happen this year. But just know that I will be angry for about 0.5 seconds.

Like a true content queen, Kylie took the whole meme and turned it into a business opportunity by create derivative products. She even changed her Instagram bio and has already started incorporating the phrase into her Kylie Cosmetics brand posts on Instagram.

“And This is Why are they paying me the mandatory 10%, babe,” Kris Jenner whispers to herself over a glass of Moët in the afternoon, probably.

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