Kodak Black Feat. Chief Keef – Who Want Smoke Remix Song

Nardo Wick had a smashing year with his single “Who Want Smoke ??” The record dropped earlier this year and created an organic buzz in the streets. However, it wasn’t until last week that it became a huge hit, thanks to the remix with Lil Durk, G Herbo and 21 Savage. He’s topped the playlists and it looks like he could be a song of the year contender on many year-end lists.

The song was supposed to produce several freestyles now that the remix was out. On Saturday, Kodak Black slipped in with a surprise release of their remix on “Who Want Smoke ??” alongside Chef Keef. Yak kicks off the record, paying homage to his hit “No Flockin ‘” before Chief Keef energizes the pace with menacing threats and memorable action. “Swing the stick like a rock band, guitar shit / Hit your block, we don’t hit Walmarts, we hit Targets,” he raps fiercely in his voice.

While Keef and Kodak Black are, in many ways, very similar, this marks the rare occasion when they hooked up on wax. Both were previously featured in “High Off Gun Powder” by Fredo Santana.

Yak has released several surprise versions lately. Last week he released a new record called “Killing The Rats”.

Words to quote
Thuggin ‘hard, AK and AR in the muscle cars
Fuck blogging, fuck that shitty music cause I’m a commercial fraud
I’m a bulldozer, scoot over, bitch, run my section
And you ain’t gotta love me, you ain’t even gotta respect me, just don’t disrespect me

Kodak Black


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