Kingdom Hearts 3 Face My Fears Remix Music Video lasts 5 minutes

Hikaru Utada has released a new remix video for “Face My Fears,” which serves as the main theme for kingdom hearts 3. The music video was released exclusively through the musician’s youtube account. It features several key scenes from kingdom hearts 3, including major spoilers for story events in the title. The new “Face My Fears” remix was made in collaboration with AG Cooks and comes just as the Kingdom Hearts is coming to Nintendo Switch via its cloud system.

This new version of the song first appeared on Utada’s album bad fashion as a bonus track. Shortly after, he was announced that a clip for the remix of “Face My Fears” would appear on YouTube with scenes from kingdom hearts 3. The original version of the song was made in collaboration with Skrillex. While both versions of the song sound more electronic, this version sounds significantly different.

You can watch the music video for the AG Cooks “Face My Fears” remix below. Please keep in mind that it features flashing lights and intense effects. Photosensitive people may want to avoid watching the video.

In January 2019, consumers could purchase a Face my fears EP, which included the English and Japanese version of “Face My Fears”. It also included “Don’t Think Twice”, which is another song that appears in the game.

kingdom hearts 3 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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