Kingdom Hearts 2 Player Can’t Beat Boss, Summons Mom For Surprise Victory

Video game streamer and voice actor Frankie Taylor-Scott struggles with a Kingdom Hearts 2 boss in her live stream, until her mother steps in to help.

A Kingdom Hearts 2 The player was able to defeat a very difficult boss, thanks to the help of her mother, who was watching. The Kingdom Hearts The series is known for its boss battles, and fans have flocked to the internet for tips and walkthroughs on how to beat them. This one is no different, only internet didn’t help this time.

Kingdom Hearts is a remarkably popular video game franchise, but it’s not without its problems. For example, the recent Kingdom Hearts The switch port has warned gamers not to try it at times due to misuse of cloud technology. Even when functioning properly, the Kingdom Hearts hosted several bosses that proved particularly difficult for players to conquer.


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Video game voice actor and streamer Frankie Taylor Scott tweeted a video of her Kingdom Hearts 2 live stream showing her battling one of these bosses, and her mum stepped in to help her, adding: “I know what to do!A combination of quick magic attacks, well-timed blocks, and timely help from Chicken Little left Taylor-Scott in awe, cheering on her mother and wondering how she was able to pull it off. The video ends with a victorious mother and a baffled Taylor-Scott, now able to explore the rest of the kingdom hearts 2‘s Pirates of the Caribbean at will.

Kingdom Hearts bosses are some of the toughest

It is undeniable that many bosses of Kingdom Hearts 2 lean on the Final Fantasy side of the crossover, nor can they be considerably difficult. Some of these boss battles will require countless tries and possibly internet research to figure out how to defeat them. There was no shame in Frankie having his mother to help him here. However Kingdom Hearts 2 already hosted an exceptionally difficult boss fight against Sephiroth, an additional secret boss has been added to the overhauled version, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remixand he is considered one of the most difficult JRPG bosses to defeat.

Kingdom Hearts is known for its memorable characters and worlds based on some of Disney’s most beloved films, as well as Yoko Shimomura’s beautiful score which is performed in live performances around the world. Fans had the unique experience of feeling the nostalgia of each world while experiencing something entirely new. Many of those fans have become parents and are now seeing the same struggles and memories as their children play through the series. Parental assistance in a game like Kingdom Hearts 2 can be a memorable moment for both kids and parents, which is more than evident in this video.

Source: Frankie Taylor-Scott/Twitter

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