Jon Buller’s remix song recalls God’s faithfulness

Christian artist, cult pastor and now Reverend Jon Buller releases a remixed version of “Do It Again,” reminding people that God is always faithful.

Buller has his roots in Manitoba and his musical career began here. He has now lived in Vernon, British Columbia, and for approximately 15 years, with his family.

Elevation Worship of Charlotte, North Carolina is the church group that originally wrote and recorded this song in 2016.

Buller says, “For me it’s a really deep song personally, but also in a timely sense for our world. Just the theme of faithfulness to God.”

He has been singing Christian music for 26 years now, but for 15 years he was specifically a worship pastor, focusing on getting others to worship.

“In my own life, there have been seasons of anxiety and depression. So singing a song like ‘Do It Again’, remembering that God’s promise still holds, that the night will not last and that Jesus is still enough, he has been faithful, has become a very personal song for me. “

Over the past three years, after resigning from his position as a cult pastor, Buller has taken up and has just completed his ordination studies and can now consider himself a Reverend.

“The worship leader in me wants people to choose a line [from the song] it means something to them. Nowadays it’s a little easier to forget [God’s faithfulness] or to doubt, and understandably, we are human. But I want to sing about the faithfulness of God. “

Buller opens up about the pandemic that has shut down so many corporate arts and cults, leaving him in a bad mood at first.

“I felt a little lost, frankly, and a little cranky. Once I regained a cool head and cultivated an attitude of gratitude, I completed my ordination studies. I am now a Reverend, which has been a long process for me, three full years. “

When Buller started, he thought it would be best to have some entertainment on stage. Then he realized that something else was attracting him.

“I thought I wanted to be a singer-songwriter. Then I would go to churches and youth groups and they would say, “Can you lead some worship songs? So I would too. I realized that I liked doing this more than the entertainment part. I know I’m called to lead God’s people, so that’s when I started to nurture these inclinations. “

The emphasis on worship and worship songs became the driving force behind Buller.

“In Winnipeg, for about five years, we had ‘Hear the Music’ nights. Each month for five years, we held 60 evenings of worship. It was such a beautiful season. I had the privilege of carrying the torch there for a little while. “

After many years of absence, Buller is bringing this particular worship event back, now to the west coast of Canada.

“I did ‘Hear the Music’ ministries again, which started and was founded in Winnipeg. The last few months have revived this. Our nights of worship were public and are now broadcast monthly.”

Part of Buller’s ministry is hosting an event called The Levite Summit. This is an annual gathering that began when local cult pastors gathered to discuss how to encourage and integrate music and the arts into their communities.

It was supposed to take place in Winnipeg, in November of this year, but due to COVID, it will be an online event spanning three Saturdays in October, November and January. This is a training and learning opportunity for all ages, bringing together people of all faiths that people can attend wherever they live.

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