Jnr Choi song “TO THE MOON (Remix)”

Jnr Choi’s mega-viral track “TO THE MOON” lives on this week as the london star unveils a brand new version of his hit. The original which came out in November last year originally consisted of Jnr Choi as well as the infectious hook of Sam Tompkins, and now the latest version contains new verses from Russian millions, M24, G Herbo and Fivio who all give the song their distinctive flair. On the new remix, Fivio takes control by kicking things off with their set of bars:

I feel like I need my city (my city) they want me to move (They want me to move)/ But I can’t leave my city (Nah) Huh, if he ain’t with me then he ain’t with me (Uh) Charities (Charities), gift bags (Gift bags) / It’s all given, I feed my city the whole city trying, they need my pity (Uh) / He can’t talk if she ain’t little (Uh) don’t ask me how I treat my bitties (nah)

I don’t spill tea, I keep my insides (Nah) yeah, I’m still movin’ (I’m movin’ still) and I’m with hooligans/ I’ve done things that I’ll probably do again (Yeah) I lost some friends I’ll probably lose again / His name is Fivi, you could probably google him

In 2021, Jnr Choi shared his SS21 album, which included 15 tracks and featured features from Manna, Vinch and One Mojo. As for what his co-stars have been up to, Russ has gone on to deliver a slew of singles recently, including “big shark,” “Exciting,” “Reggae and calypso,” and “6:30 a.m. G Herbo shared his 25 album a few months ago and Fivio Foreign just shared his long-awaited BIBLE album last month.

Be sure to hit play on Jnr Choi’s TO THE MOON (Remix)” below.

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