Jigar Saraiya on Remix Music: It’s Insensitive

New Delhi (IANS) – Jigar Saraiya of popular songwriting duo Sachin-Jigar finds remixes “insensitive” because it takes a lot of work to create a song.

“Sachin and I don’t support remakes at all. We don’t appreciate it and we can’t do it well. I can tell you clearly that Sachin and I might not be made for remixing. Maybe- to be that we can’t do it well. For those who do it and work for the public, it’s great, because it takes a lot of talent to do remixes. It’s part of the story,” said Jigar at IANS.

He added: “The other part of the story is that of course we don’t morally defend it because when a song is done it’s not a one day job. It could take a year. or more. We have so many songs that I have thoughts of.

Taking a thought and formalizing it takes a lot of time, Jigar pointed out.

“But when someone just takes a song and puts a beat on it and remixes it – thinking someone worked on it, wrote the lyrics, so okay, let’s just change four lines – I think that’s very insensitive. It’s a very unmusical version of a song,” he said.

Jigar agrees that remixes shouldn’t happen.

“No one goes into a studio thinking, ‘let’s go and do a flop song’. But when you take a song and do a blatant remix and people are dancing to it, I don’t think it’s worth it” , did he declare.

The duo themselves recreated tracks for the movie “Bala.”

“In the end, we did a remix of ‘Dont be shy my honey’ and we did another one. I would like to clarify that those two were our albums. Sachin and I have argued from the start that we would do also our albums and background music,” he said.

Jigar added that if they hadn’t remixed this song, the albums wouldn’t have been theirs.

“When it came to ‘Street Dancer 3D’, that’s when we realized we didn’t want to do it. We won’t be doing remixes anymore. It’s about fast hits. It’s a phase , it will pass,” he said.


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