Jay Park and H1ghr Music remix regional rap hit ‘LOTUS’ Johorean

Jay Park, alongside members of his hip-hop / R & B label H1ghr music released a remix of the regional hit ‘LOTUS’ by rap collective Johor Bahru ForceParkWood December 7.

Jay Park leads the remix with a greeting in Malay, rapping, “Apa Khabar, this is Jay Park.”

It then flows to the likes of Park Hyeon Jin, JMIN, BIG Naughty, pH-1, COMMERCE L, Woodie Gochild, and JAY B. Park shouted at the collectives in a tweet after its release, praising the Southeast Asian rap scene.

The original Track released on February 26 of this year and has now garnered over 17 million views on YouTube as well as over 4 million streams on Spotify. ‘LOTUS’ was produced, mixed and mastered by a member of FORCEPARKBOIS, Ali.3gp, and showcases the lyrical prowess and the different deliveries of each member of the rap collective.

Ahead of H1ghr Music’s remix, loyal Singaporean rappers Akeem Jahat, Fariz Jabba, MIIKOTHE13TH, OmarKENOBI, AE $ OP CA $ H, Frank Loco and emerging artists in YHB Sleepsalot next to Khali, also shared their own version.

Subsequently, Bruneian rappers Swanz, Vandalisma, MZL, Nuuz0l, Supahmiyagi, WAZ, Troqy, Mancientry, Riff, and ASMAI also participated in their own remix of the track that took the region by storm.

Most recently, rap collective Johorean dropped out ‘SHEESSH FLOW’ marking their first outing under Warner Music Malaysia. They also announced a future collaboration with HipHopDX Asia this is expected to happen on December 17th.

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