Jack Harlow Previews New Song Sampling Fergie’s “Glamorous”

Jack Harlow tastes the glamorous life.

As he prepares for his new album, the Grammy-nominated rapper previews a brand new song that features a familiar snippet. On Fergie’s 2007 hit “Glamorous,” Harlow shares some inspirational words.

“You can do it too, believe it,” he raps before Fergie sings the hook to his chart-topping hit from his 2006 debut album. The Dutch.

Harlow shared a video of himself rapping over the song Fergie sampled in the studio. The untitled track could feature on his highly anticipated album Go home, you miss the kidsexpected May 6.

“My new shit is way more serious,” he said rolling stone from the sequel to its 2020 debut That’s what they all say. “Right now, my message is to let the muh’fu**ers know that I love hip-hop and that I’m one of the best of my generation. You can’t just do this nonchalantly, like, ‘Eeey, I got the female dogs’, in a smart way over and over I gotta dig deeper this time.

Last month, Harlow released the album’s first single “Nail Tech,” and there’s more to come. “It’s probably my least favorite song on the album,” he said.

On Sunday, he will join Lil Nas X to perform their hit “Industry Baby” at the Grammys in Las Vegas.

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