Isaiah Rashad Feat. Juicy J & Project Pat – RIP Young (Remix) Song

Isaiah Rashad followed his July studio album The house is on fire with its luxury on Friday (November 19). He explained that fans on tour asked him to release songs he teased in the past that didn’t make the album, so he named the deluxe version. the friends begged.

Included in these four new tracks, “RIP Young (Remix)”, adding 1990s rap legends, brothers and other Tennessee natives, Project Pat and Juicy J, to the third song from the original album.

“RIP Young”, much like the rest of The house is on fire includes a soft and moving atmosphere that sees Isaiah at his most laid back and laid back level of all time. The new remix uses the same first verse and hook from Rashad as he spits out that he remains loyal to his friends and still works hard.

The verses of Project Pat and Juicy J replace Zay’s second verse and a few bridges. First comes Pat, as his strong, seasoned voice and rap vision shines through, using cinnamon and pancake innuendo to get his point across.

Juicy J closes the track before the last hook in the same fashion, shooting flash-in-the-pan rappers with bars like, “They finished their careers faster than a TikTok.”

Overall, the Memphis Brothers duo add more common sense and energy to an already quality song.

Check out Isaiah Rashad’s “RIP Young” remix featuring Project Par and Juicy J below.

Words to quote
The police have warned, they’re knocking on my door
I said it was murder but Project is innocent
Lying with a girl sipping Hennessy
Rap game, mane, sweeter than cinnamon
Put your mob, who benefits?

Isaiah Rashad


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