Ice hat at home: Capitals beat Panthers 4-3

Looks like the Capitals have never had fun playing against the Florida Panthers lately, so it’s unfair that the odd 5pm start bumped into them. Could the Caps take points from one of the best in the NHL?

Jonathan Huberdeau got a very lucky rebound that sent him on a breakaway and he finished five holes on Ilya Samsonov. Tom Wilson struck shorthanded to equalize, Alex Ovechkin got two quick off two different goalies to give the Caps their first lead, and Sam Reinhart cut that lead in half soon after.

Ovi’s hat trick! Verhaeghe got the third from Florida.

The Capitals beat the Panthers 4-3!

  • A very even first half and I would say the Caps clearly had the best scoring chances. Sergei Bobrovsky is simply playing like the best goalie to hit the ice this season. Really unfortunate rebound at the very end of the period which is just killer.
  • The ice was sucked again. It has constantly hurt the home team this season. I am very tired of having to watch a home disadvantage as much as we do.
  • Alex Ovechkin took a puck to his mouth and missed like no time because he’s made of steel and wires. What is the name of this site again?
  • Another very balanced second period between two very good teams. I think the Caps are doing the best they can with the motley group of attackers they have, but I started to notice a bit of difficulty defensively following their men into the defensive zone. I have to play a full 200-foot game, especially against a team like the Panthers.
  • What an absolutely bizarre fate for Bobrovsky. If officials were forced to remove him from the ice after his first return, does that mean the Panthers training staff completely ignored a concussion watcher at first? Incredibly weird and Bob would come back a second time.
  • Ovi is ridiculous. Take a puck from the grill and come back to score a hat. @ André Brune. Now, only if these two guys from Edmonton could stop.
  • Aliaksei Protas grabbed two quick points on those Ovi goals. I keep saying that the future is bright and that he is one of the guys who pushes me to say it.
  • What a crazy third period. It was like the playoffs.
  • A blatant, blatant, blatant journey of Radko Gudas on Evgeny Kuznetsov in open ice, completely ignored by the two officials. NHL referees and their stupid game management are the absolute worst in sport. Even worse than those NFL Thanksgiving Day scrubs.
  • Remember how lucky you are to be able to watch Ovi play. Thanks and all that.

No rest for the boys as their next two face the Carolina Hurricanes and that Panthers team once again. It’s a not-so-fun three-game streak.

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