How to Find (and Beat) Fang-King Clavein (Unique Monster)

To find Fang-King Clavein in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, adventurers must discover the entrance to an endgame area known as Elgares Depths.

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Although a player’s mileage varies according to his enjoyment of Xenoblade Chronicles 3of post-game content, it can be said that there are many unique monsters to find and defeat in Aionios, such as Fang-King Clavein. A colossal member of the Darbuses species, Fang-King Clavein, is a level 80 beast with red clusters of crystals protruding from all over his muscular body. He uses these crystals as additional protection in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for its thick, scaly skin and as a combat weapon. It’s no surprise that Fang-King Clavein has a massive HP pool. While this unique monster moves slowly, it can deal devastating damage to unprepared targets.


Before facing this Unique Monster, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fans are strongly encouraged to level their party members to at least level 85 or higher. Of course, level 99 max would be optimal, but going up against Fang-King Clavein at level 80 or lower will make the fight much harder to fight. After all, higher level means more damage, allowing player units to shred the beast’s health without worrying about it being a “sponge” for attacks.

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Thanks to the efforts of the YouTube content creator Dainghia25, fans can have a clear idea of ​​not only where Fang-King Clavein is, but also how to reach the location of the unique monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Unfortunately, the monster is in the Depths of Elgares, an area that won’t become accessible until much later in the game. As a result, those who haven’t yet defeated the final boss are encouraged to focus on first the end of the main story.

Fang-King Clavein location in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To find the location of Fang-King Clavein’s unique monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3players can follow the steps below:

Step # Walkthrough Details
  • Head to the entrance to Elgares Depths in the Aetia region.
  • To access this entrance, players can skip travel to any of the following fast travel points:
    • The named tomb of Jingoistic Gigantus (if already defeated)
    • Kamos landmark
    • Landmark Eyot de Luca
  • After skipping the journey to one of the landmarks above, players can head to Murmur Rise, the same location where they started the hero quest for Gray.
  • Next, head west into the underground tunnels leading to the depths of Elgares.
  • The Elgares Depths login entry point is located on the far right of the zone map.
  • However, Fang-King Clavein’s location is on the opposite side.
  • So, to reach Fang-King Clavein, players need to head to the westernmost side of the location, where they’ll find a circular lair with the unique monster in it. Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

As mentioned above, defeating Xenoblade Chronicles 3 should take five to seven minutes if players have a list of level 85+ characters to send. Adventurers are advised to use the Deep Camp rest area before entering Fang-King Clavein’s lair to prepare food for the team. Additionally, players must constantly use Fusion Arts to trigger Ouroboros attacks from units in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which should make quick work of the monster’s massive HP bar.

Source: Dainghia25

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