How to beat Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring

Radagon’s Red Wolf is the first main boss you’ll face in the second Elden Ring Legacy Dungeon. Here’s how to beat the red wolf.

Redagon may be long gone, but his fearsome Red Wolf remains at Raya Lucaria Academy. This boss still faithfully guards his mistress despite the departure of his master long ago. You’ll need to beat Radagon’s Red Wolf in Elden Ring in order to progress to Rennala in the tower above.

In terms of fighting style and lore, the Red Wolf draws obvious comparisons to the Great Gray Wolf Sif from Dark Souls. Those who beat Sif will have an immediate advantage when this Elden Ring boss battle begins, as the strategy for beating Radagon’s Red Wolf is similar.


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The Red Wolf is a formidable opponent, but it has a small health pool.

Where to find Radagon’s Red Wolf

The red wolf is behind the fog door that leads to the Raya Lucaria Academy lecture hall. The path to him is treacherous and filled with Brillstone wizards who can be a threat if they attack in groups.

Therefore, we advise you to use stealth and then eliminate them one by one as you go through the corridors and the stairs that lead to the conference room.

Unlike the previous two main bosses, Margit and Godrick, there are no NPCs waiting to support you with Red Wolf. So you’re fighting solo unless you’re summoning co-op help online or using Spirit Summons.

If you choose to use Spirit Summons, make sure you have them upgraded. By now you’ll likely have gathered Grave and Ghost Glowart from the many catacombs you’ve visited, this can be used to boost your Spirit Ash through Roderika at the Round Table Hold. Just make sure you’ve completed his quest to do so.

Ancient Red Wolf Ring
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It’s wise to keep your distance from the wolf, but also avoid its spell attacks.

How to Beat Radagon’s Red Wolf

The Red Wolf uses a lot of moves recycled from the Sif boss fight in Dark Souls and the Gravetender Great Wolf from Dark Souls 3. So if you have experience with these bosses, it will be a big help.

However, if you’re new to Souls games, you can defeat the Red Wolf by staying mobile and attacking opportunistically. The wolf is extremely fast and hits hard, but the good news is that he doesn’t have much health.

A shield can be very useful because if his attacks connect, it will save your life in many cases. He also uses a lot of Glintstone magic throughout the fight, meaning you’ll need to keep an eye out for where those attacks land as well as the wolf himself. If you have items that offer protection against Glintstone magic, equipping them before the fight will help you tremendously.

Raya Lucaria Elden Ring
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Raya Lucaria is similar to other classic Souls locations – it’s where Red Wolf and Rennala are.

Melee and Ranged Strategies

Melee fighters will need to close in on the wolf, block or dodge its attacks, and strike while it completes a move or recovers from the last one. Let him come to you, then strike. Constantly running will put you on your back, needed to avoid his magic attacks rather than countering while he’s open.

Ranged fighters must dodge his attacks and counterattack when there is an opening, but from a safe distance. It is very important to keep a large gap between the two of you, as you are likely to be weaker than tank type players. However, you’re also likely to have higher magic defense, which means his Glintstone attacks will be less of a concern.

Other encounters with Red Wolf

Your encounter with Radagon’s red wolf in the Academy isn’t the last time you’ll fight this boss. There are other red wolves scattered around the map in different places. The first is in the southwest area of ​​Liurnia of The Lakes once you enter the Three Sisters region.

This build is redesigned as a field boss, meaning you can use Torrent to follow him around and dodge his attacks. However, this red wolf has a pack of normal wolves to back him up in battle. We recommend removing it first, then focusing your attention on the boss.

Another can be found in the Eternal City of Nokron, and another patrols the Consecrated Snowfield. Like Liurnia’s red wolf, they are field leaders and come with a retinue of normal wolves.

Repeat the strategies of the first boss Red Wolf of Radagon, but be sure to use Torrent and kill the smaller wolves before turning your attention to the larger beasts.

So, there you have it, all the tips and tricks you need to beat Radagon’s Red Wolf in Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides.

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