How to beat 12-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

If you don’t know how to beat stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom, We are here for you. This is one of the toughest levels in the game, and it pits you against the legendary greenish-red dragon boss. In this guide, we are going to show which cookies to use in your team and what toppings you need to put on them to bring down the dragon. Let’s start.

How to beat 12-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

How to beat stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

To beat Cookie Run Kingdom stage 12-30, you need to have a team that can take down the legendary greenish red dragon boss. Now, there is some wiggle room here, but not a whole lot. First, for treasures, use Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Pilgrim’s Slingshot. For the front line, we recommend using Dark Choco Cookie, due to its ability to lower boss defenses. Equip him with five solid almond toppings, because you want him to stay alive and refuel.

Next, we want to have Sorbet Shark Cookie and Vampire Cookie as DPS. Equip them with five Burning Raspberries each, as you want to maximize their damage. Next up is Cotton Cookie, who will play the dual role of healer and summoner. For toppings, consider a mixture of solid almond, scorching raspberry, and Swift chocolate. Finally, to complete our team that will beat stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom, we will use Eclair Cookie with five Swift Chocolate for other debuffs. From there, you should be good to go. It may take a few tries, but you will get there.

Now, if you plan to fight the boss in dark mode instead of story mode, consider replacing one of the DPS cookies with Pure Vanilla Cookie with a mix of solid almond and chocolate Swift. You will need additional healing, as the dragon has considerably more health. So, those are our thoughts on how to approach the Legendary Greenish Red Dragon Boss. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below. And check out our How to Beat 11-27 Cookie Run Kingdom guide for help with this level.

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